“For Minutiae I cut up a 60x60cmwork to produce this set of 9 – 20x20cm.
The original is lost but the detail of each individual is revealed.
Individually they make up the fabric and structure of the bigger picture.
They are titled #1 to #9 in the sequence of a phone key pad, an important network in this evolving world.”Brenton Schwab

each individual painting is 20x20cm

$65 ea

enquire to purchase>

Brenton Schwab – Moth Pattern Series

“I began this pattern making process some 25 years ago. I call it Moth Patterns because it began with cutting up photos of moths wings (their wings are a similar shape triangle to the one used to create these patterns).
For this Moth Pattern series I use sections from my own nature based photographs and join them using Adobe Photoshop.”

digital prints bonded to board with clear coat varnish

18x18cm – $75ea

10x20cm  – $65ea

enquire to purchase>

visit Brenton’s website>>


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