the myth writ large magic spots…

these images are imbued with the vibrancy of personal discovery; textural studies of line and structural form, light and shadow casting doubt on what we think we know. How an artist interprets their observations of the world may include verisimilitude but this realistic interpretation is often only a small part of the story.  In ‘Song of the Siren’ myth, memory, legend and half forgotten truths act as a vehicle for our journey.

Miles Hall in his artist statement for the 2012 Jacaranda Drawing Prize (JADA) describes the act of drawing as ‘an intimate, sensual relationship between form, gesture and surface’.  This statement embodies the link between the 2 dimensional surface and the 3 dimensional space – crossing boundaries into unchartered waters – a central proponent of our arts practice. For us the ‘heart of drawing’ is a universal language that conveys meaning and ideas. It is a quest for the development of a personal language that may uncover some understanding of the fragility of life and the human condition.


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